How to Choose a Great Landscaping Company

Nov 13, 2017

Some homes look great from the road. Then, as you drive up to them, you start to notice the unsightly details.

The overgrown bushes blocking the windows. The mulch just begging for a proper weeding. The hodgepodge arrangement of flowerbeds, shrubbery, and grasses reminiscent of an abstract painting that’s more preschooler than Pollock.

You can’t help but stare and wonder what a difference a landscaping company could make to amplify the curb appeal.

Maybe that scenario is your home. Whether it’s a lack of time, energy, or design skills that are holding you back, the good news is professional help is just a phone call away.

Before you hire a landscaper, you’ll need to do a thorough vetting process. The last thing you need is someone coming in and further botching your begonias.

Today, we’re discussing a few things to look for when you’re ready to bring in the big leagues and transform your yard from overgrown to opulent.

Ready to learn more? Put down those rusty shears and let’s get started!

Determine How Much Landscaping You Need

Are you looking to totally re-do your yard from scratch? If so, you’ll need to invest in a full-service landscaper with the tools and the time to devote to your big project.

A full-service firm will work with you to design your new landscaping, helping you determine where to place shrubbery, which kinds of greenery to pick out, and what will look best against your house.

On the other hand, you might just need someone to clean up and help you maintain what you already have. In that case, a maintenance lawn care service will usually suffice.

These professionals can take your current yard (yes, even yours with the crabgrass overload and insect-ridden roses), and turn it into the oasis you always dreamed about.

Before you narrow down your options, begin with this step. That way, you won’t waste time interviewing and getting a quote from a maintenance company when you really needed full-scale support, and vice versa.

Request to See Insurance and Bonding

You might think, “It’s a landscaping company. How much damage can they really do?”

Yet, keep in mind that your yard is a key part of your home. If an incapable landscaper gets ahold of it and kills your grass, over-prunes your shrubs, or creates mulch volcanoes around your precious trees, you won’t just be looking at an aesthetically displeasing mess. You could also significantly lower the value of your home and property.

To this end, it’s important that every landscaping company you consider be thoroughly insured and bonded to safeguard against damages, both to your home and to its workers.

Employees will likely be carrying heavy equipment and operating machinery, and may also be transporting hefty trees. You’ll want them as protected as possible while on your property.

Check Company Longevity

If you run a Google search on a landscaping company and nothing comes up, that might be a red flag.

Though landscapers aren’t required to be the most tech-savvy bunch, and many might not even have a website, you should still be able to find them on social media or in online business directories like Google My Business.

Do your research and find out how long your prospective partners have been in business. Look for pictures of their past work and check for reviews from satisfied (or less than satisfied) clients.

If they’re just starting out, that’s not a sign to immediately cross them off your list. You’ll just need to do a little more investigating to make sure they have what it takes.

Ask About Any Specialties

If you’re just looking to fill in spaces around your home or block a neighbor’s garage view, a basic landscaping company can do the job. Yet, if you’re dealing with a specific species of plant or tree, you’ll need the expert advice of a specialist.

For instance, if you want to plant muscadine vines as a backyard border, you’ll need to employ the help of someone well-versed in viticulture. This professional can help you determine where to plant the vines, how to trim them, and when to harvest the grapes for maximum yield.

You may also require specifics services, such as emergency tree removal, that not all landscaping companies are adept at. Click here to learn why it’s best to go with a specialized professional to avoid damaging the surrounding area and injuring yourself or others while performing this dangerous task.

You can also ask if someone on the team has extensive experience in your local area. An employee who knows your soil type and has worked in nearby yards can usually tell you which types of plants grow the best in your climate and which ones to avoid.

Set a Timeline

If there’s anything that looks worse than a shoddy landscaping job, it’s a half-completed one.

Before you hire a landscaping company, be sure to ask about their current workload. Are they backlogged six months, or can they start on your project tomorrow?

Remember that even though a company’s booked solid, that might not necessarily be a sign that it’s in high demand for its quality. Be on the lookout for signs of poor time management or under-staffing issues that might not bode well for your plan.

Ask for a Sketch

Sure, a landscaper can wax poetic about curved garden beds and trellised vines, but when it comes to putting pen to paper they might fall short.

Before you choose a contractor to go with, ask to see a sketch of their ideas first.

This should be a complimentary service designed to secure your business. Look for companies that willingly offer up these drawings.

If you do decide to use their design, they’ll often charge you a fee. Yet, it should cost nothing to view their ideas before you sign on the dotted line.

Find a Landscaping Company Your Yard Will Love

Tired of keeping the blinds closed to avoid staring at the jungle outside your window? Time to hire a landscaping company.

Finding the right fit today is the first step toward improving your property’s appearance, boosting your confidence as a homeowner, and delighting your fed-up neighbors who are too nice to say anything.

When you land that perfect match, you’ll be on the fast track toward making your yard less Amazon, and more amazing.

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